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Amanda – Bio

Amanda Smith

Amanda is a dancer, teacher and choreographer currently based out of San Diego. Thanks to her parents, she’s been competing and performing since the age of three in jazz, tap, hip hop, ballet and contemporary with the biggest emphasis being jazz.

      In high school she was the given the space and guidance to begin teaching, choreographing and leading. Since then, Amanda has taught countless classes at studios and schools, and choreographed numerous pieces for recitals and events. 

      Every teacher knows, you have to take classes for yourself and so Amanda quickly found companies to perform and train with in Phoenix after graduating from high school and studio dance. Soon those opportunities came to an end and she needed to dance. With this need, Amanda created a new opportunity in Arizona, Dance Surge, which is a company for adults who want to train, create, and perform. Because of the support she was given and the drive she had to continue dancing and training, Surge had four successful years in the valley, impacting many dancers. 

       Along with teaching at studios and building DSC, Amanda found opportunities to pursue her biggest passion, performing. Traveling to St Louis, MO was one of the highlights so far. This was one of her many “back-up” gigs for talented “Queens” from Charlie’s Phoenix. For two years, she had the awesome opportunity to dance on the Be Kind Crew, an AZ nonprofit that goes to schools to perform assemblies. Her most recent and most unexpected job she had was as an Arizona Rattler Sidewinder. Though pom and cheer were things she never thought she’d do, performing in the Footprint Arena and cheering on the Rattlers, is something she is so happy she decided to do!